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#142 | Eddy Perez, "Wartime CEO" of Equity Prime Mortgage, Host of the podcast "Empowering People More"

May 03, 2023 Eddy Perez Season 1 Episode 142
Always Be Cool (ABC) Podcast - Bobby Kerr & Darren Copeland of
#142 | Eddy Perez, "Wartime CEO" of Equity Prime Mortgage, Host of the podcast "Empowering People More"
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Show Notes

Eddie Perez | CEO of Equity Prime Mortgage

  • Eddy’s father was on the Cuban national baseball team and arrived in Miami in 1964 after spending three days at sea, rowing from Cuba to freedom. 
    • He was homeless the first week in this country. With some kindness from the community and an entrepreneurial mindset, Eddy’s father bootstrapped and created his own construction business. 
    • Symbolism of boat in the office - Visitors sign the hull of the boat - Talk about this
  • Eddy was able to see firsthand what freedom of mind, spirit, and career can do in someone's life.
  • Eddy is an avid learner and says from his Father he has learned what it means to be a man, to be a father, and to be a friend. From his Mother, he has learned tenacity, grit, and courage.
    • How did Eddy’s mother showcase and teach Tenacity & grit, etc? 
  • Eddy believes this is the perfect recipe to what has shaped him today and with those traits he strives every day to be 1% better than the day before.
    • We often use this saying about getting 1% better today - 37% better after a year
    • Atomic Habits - James Clear starts by stating, “If you were able to improve by 1% each day for an entire year, and those gains compound, you would end up 37 times better at the end of the year.” It’s the little choices and small habits that transform a person gradually, whether it be beneficial habits that uplift, or unhelpful ones that gradually erode.”
  • My expertise is to help the mortgage industry achieve homeownership so everyone can live The American Gift.
  • Why not “American DREAM?”
  • Empowering People More with Eddy G. Perez Jr. - my podcast (Over 30 episodes - not just mortgage related - business strategy, motivation, winning mindset)
  • “The Big 4” - FAMILY! How important is it for not only mortgage pros, but any  business leader (or anyone!) to have a good balance and foundation of surrounding yourself with people who love and believe in you?
  • Gary Vee comment - In order to really connect, we have to give 90 people our 2 Cents everyday - Can you dig into that a bit more?

Eddy’s social media has videos and educational advice in leadership, personal development, mortgage industry and more - @eddygperezjr on all platforms

Learn more about Eddy and EPM at EPM.Net and follow Eddy @eddygperezjr across all social media platforms.

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