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#157 Gail Worth & Gale Holsman | Gail's Powersports | "If it's not scary, it's not worth it!"

August 30, 2023 Bobby Kerr & Darren Copeland Season 2 Episode 157
Always Be Cool (ABC) Podcast - Bobby Kerr & Darren Copeland of
#157 Gail Worth & Gale Holsman | Gail's Powersports | "If it's not scary, it's not worth it!"
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Show Notes

Gail Worth | Owner, Gail’s Powersports Grandview, MO & her fiance GALE HOLSMAN | Serial Entrepreneur

*Leading pre-owned Harley-Davidson® and Powersports dealer in Kansas City

“This is where motorcycle and powersports dreams are made and where adventurer dreams come true”

What BK & DC think of when we hear Gail’s name: “ENERGY, marketing, rock n roll, power sports, laughter, smile, FUN!”

  • Bought first dealership in 1999 - a 10,000 square foot dealership in Belton
    • In 2004 built a 50,000 square foot facility on 10 acres in Grandview and relocated the dealership there, where it resides today. Also, Gateway in STL, Shawnee Cycle Plaza
    • Big 25 year anniversary coming up. BIG PLANS?
  • History of Worth family & Harley Davidsons in Kansas City (Ray & Beverly)
  • “I’ve seen some major highs and major lows in the past 25 years.  I have had to pivot several times while sustaining my business’ strength.”
    • Everyone sees the commercials, hears them on the radio, sees you around town…. (SUCCESS PYRAMID)
    • What were some of the lows and pivots you mentioned that you’ve had to overcome?
  • Value of PARTNERSHIP in life and business
    • “I am so blessed to have a great man, my boyfriend Gale, standing next me through it all!  He’s helped me celebrate the highs and helps me hold my shit together when life gets hard.”
  • Harley plant closing in 2018 - did that have anything to do with your rebranding of Gail’s?
  • 2022 Dealer News Top 100 Women in Powersports - WOW!
  • Gail offered up having a conversation with people looking to grow their business - send her a DM on Facebook or email. 
    • Consultant or just looking to help people?
  • How many motorcycles do you personally own?
  • Entrepreneurial leader - How many people does your team employ across all three locations - GAIL & GALE
  • Ladies Only Classes

GALE HOLSMAN | Serial Entrepreneur | American Companies 36 years in business!!! (American Sweeping, American Waste Systems, American Pavement Maintenance, Total Venue, Holsman Classic Cars, Total Venue, Holsman Horse Stables

  • Gale started his career in the waste management field in 1975
  • He also works with several rural waste transfer stations
    • Thoughts on the proposed landfill in South KC, near Gail’s dealership?
  • Lessons in entrepreneurship and perseverance
  • How did the two of you meet?
  • Marketing lessons for business owners
    • Ad spend
    • Where and who to target
    • How often
    • Media channels

Gail’s Powersports in Grandview - All-terrain vehicles, envy mowers, UTVs, ATVs, d

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