Always Be Cool (ABC) Podcast - Bobby Kerr & Darren Copeland of

#158 Brian Rice, Famed Kansas City Photographer, Entrepreneur

September 13, 2023 Bobby Kerr & Darren Copeland Season 2 Episode 158
Always Be Cool (ABC) Podcast - Bobby Kerr & Darren Copeland of
#158 Brian Rice, Famed Kansas City Photographer, Entrepreneur
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Show Notes

  • How many events, concerts, weddings have you photographed?
  • Best of KC Awards from the Pitch
  • How does vision affect a photographer?
  • Digital design background and of course photography….have you always been a visual person with a form of creative expression?
  • Some photographers photograph from a certain “place,” mentally or emotionally-speaking.  Have you or do you photograph from a “certain place?”
  • I’ve worked with many photographers either as a model, or musician, or business owner, etc….very few, especially in Kansas City, are known and respected by everyone.  You’re HIM.  
    • What has made you and your reputation so strong as a photographer AND business owner?
  • Are there any artists you’ve shot that you could single out as favorites?
  • Your remarkable archive includes both portrait and live performance shots—which do you prefer? How does your approach differ between them?
  • How did you fall into music photography specifically?
  • And was there a particular image or body of work that was a major inspiration when starting out?
  • What makes a good subject in music photography and what makes a good music photographer?
  • Have you ever been starstruck when photographing someone? How do you overcome that?
  • Can you think of your favorite show/concert/event you’ve ever shot?
  • Have you ever gone on tour with a band or musician…life on the road, so to speak?
  • Is there a specific PHOTOGRAPH or photographer from your childhood or life that sticks with you as a true inspiration?
  • Famous people you’ve photographed


  • Who is someone, alive or dead, you’d love to photograph?
  • In one word, how would you describe your photography?
  • What’s been the biggest highlight in your career so far?
  • What are you passionate about besides photography? What do you do in your free time? | Instagram @brianricecreative | Facebook: | Email:

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